Sunday, November 1, 2009

Chasing Dandelions

Yesterday I was with my children and their friends. We were in Krugersdorp, which is west of Johannesburg. We found a high place to sit and observe the world. It was late afternoon and we found burnt Protea branches. There had been a fire there recently. The branch had burnt to a point, and in the unburnt section on the flowerhead, was a solitary bee, who had managed to survive, tucked safely into the hollow it had created.
The bush plants are recovering and with the little rain we have had lately, the wild flowers are starting to blossom.
We moved on, watching the sunset. There was a field of Dandelions and we stopped to blow the seeds into the wind. It was such fun. The "fairy" seeds, floated through the air, landing everywhere.
Dandelions, are generally considered to be weeds. They are excellent trap crops, especailly planted close to your cabbages. Aphids love Dandelions. Let them grow happily in your garden. Young Dandelion leaves are yummy in a spinch or added fresh to a salad.

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