Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kind comments

I got this comment from Robyn:

I have a list of vegetable companion plants on my site as well as four vegetable garden designs which are all companion planted. I have grown all of these gardens myself so do know they work well. Maybe you will allow this link so your visitors can see what I have done>

I do like your site you are offering very good indepth information - more and more people are growing vegetables these days and need help from us.

Kind regards

Hello Robyn

Thanks so much. I appreciate your comment and your link. i have added it to my blog roll. In fact, my cousin in Canada used ideas from your garden design page when she was planning her garden. I was awed to see that it is the same page.

I do agree that people need help with growing organic gardens. It is the best food that one can healthy, fresh and delicious. Companion planting is really great. Look out in the next few weeks for a book on Companion Planting that i am in the process of publishing.

keep up the good work.

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