Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Green finger tips - Natural soil builders

Soil is the most precious vital part of any garden. Most people however think of the soil as dirt. Meeting earthworms drew me to understand that the organic soil is alive…teeming with life unseen to the eye. As earth dwellers we have the choice to use natural soil builders to keep the soil in good shape.

Natural soil builders are like feeding the body with correct nutrition. Optimal nutrition yields optimal harvest and giving the best nutrition to create organic soil will yield untold benefits. Natural soil builders include compost, liquid fertilizers and mulch.

Organic soil is enhanced by earthworms that produce “humus” which is the finest kind of compost available. As a gardener you can boost the earthworms work by adding mulch materials, compost and liquid fertilizers for the earthworms to turn into humus.

Growing Green mulch is useful if you live in an area where organic materials are not freely available. Plants like buckwheat, mustard and clover are fantastic natural soil builders.

Earthworms are a gardener’s best friend. Green mulch is a hugely helpful was to build an organic soil. Stabilize and build your organic soil by using natural soil builders in your organic garden.

Here is a list of natural soil builders:

(Compost Activators / Green Manure Plants / Soil Improvers)

N = Nitrogen P= Phosphorous K=Potassium

Alfalfa / Lucerne (N)
Banana skins (K)
Bean (N)
Caraway – loosens soil
Comfrey (N,P)
Clover (N)
Golden Rod
Hyssop – fights bacterial disease
Lupin (N,P)
Mustard (N)
Nettle (N)
Oak (Acid Mulch)
Pine (Acid Mulch)
Salad Burnet
Soya bean
Valerian (P)

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