Tuesday, December 21, 2010

green finger tips - nitrogen deficiency

If the leaves of your plant turn yellowish you know you have a Nitrogen deficiency. In the photo above, you can clearly see the bottom leaves of the fennel turning yellow. The plants grow slowly and the bottom leaves will turn yellow first. This is a sure sign that you have to amend the soil. The natural way to fix Nitrogen deficiencies is to add compost, mulch, liquid fertilizer and green manure.

Nitrogen is vital to good plant growth. If your plants show signs of a shortage of Nitrogen, you need to add manures, including cattle, sheep, pig, goat, chicken and rabbit manures. Adding good compost helps a lot, if you cannot get manure. All manure should be well matured as fresh manure will burn your plants.

Using liquid manure can help to cure a Nitrogen deficiency, especially if you use plants like bean, comfrey, clover and nettle to make your liquid fertilizer Nitrogen fixing plants include groundnuts, cowpeas, beans, mustard, alfalfa, peas, soya beans and clover. These nitrogen fixing plants are known as legumes. Legumes are generally pod forming plants. Leguminous plants help to fix Nitrogen in the soil. You can plant legumes in the soil and grow green manure crops

In the long term, you can fix nitrogen deficiency by adding lots of organic materials to the soil. When the soil is healthy and balanced you will find you have excellent growth, with no signs of yellowing.

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