Tuesday, December 14, 2010

green finger tips - stop soil erosion

Soil which is exposed to the elements becomes infertile, dry and blows away in the wind, never to be replaced again. Soil erosion is one of the most common ways that top soil is lost. Top soil that erodes is lost forever.
Preserving the top soil is important. Growing organically means that you want to protect your topsoil and prevent soil erosion.
There are simple steps to follow to protect the soil:
1. Keep the soil covered – cover the soil with organic or inorganic matter. Stones, old leaves and grass clipping are great for keeping the soil covered. Even your daily newspaper can be recycled to feed the soil.
2. Feed the soil – give it piles of compost and mulch. The soil has to be fed constantly to maintain its fertility. Regular additions of compost and mulch maintain the soil in good condition.
3. Grow green cover – always keep the soil covered with plants. Green mulch effectively protects the soil, keeping it covered.
4. Plant windbreaks – stop the wind from removing your precious stop soil by planting barrier plants to divert the wind.
5. Sink water into the soil – catch as much rainwater as possible from the roof and direct it into channels and pits in the ground. Sinking the water into the ground, improves the water table allowing the plants roots to benefit.
It is easy to protect your patch of soil. You start to realise that the earth is a living organism and needs to be fed, cared for and it will yield so much to benefit your health.


Organic Gardening said...

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karissa said...

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