Thursday, March 3, 2011



Earthworms are simple creatures that do a lot

The simple beauty of the earthworm is that it produces compost that no gardener can do without. The actions of earthworms are so critical creating organic soil fertility. Earthworms act as cleaners of the decomposing matter in your garden. As a gardener, you will come to cherish the work that they do.

Earthworms work creates perfect conditions for growth

These hermaphroditic worms work and breed at night, taking organic matter into their burrows, and convert it into soil food. The humus (compost) they create has a perfect pH. Their burrows create air passages in the soil and when it rains, the burrows allow for extra water penetration.

Are earthworms immortal?

Earthworms are thought to be immortal, as no worm has ever been found dead of natural causes. Usually garden forks chop them or birds, moles and other creatures eat earthworms. They breed prolifically. Just a handful of worms inoculated into your soil or compost heap will go a long way to improving soil fertility.

Make sure you leave enough organic matter covering the soil to feed your earthworms. They will reward you by digging and loosening the garden soil, creating compost and allowing for moisture to penetrate the soil. Earthworms truly are a gardener’s best friend.

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