Sunday, March 13, 2011

green finger tips - first bed of my city organic garden

Compost rescued from the roof

Adding compost to the first bed in the organic garden

I have added compost to the bed just outside the little courtyard in my city organic garden. It is a small bed, but the soil seems reasonable. I have not loosened the soil as yet. I have decided to create a no-dig bed. I have added a layer of compost which was cleaned off the roof and out of the gutter. It is half-decomposed and decomposed leaf material. It smells sweet and I managed to save it from being thrown away by being at the right place at the right time.

Penny Royal Mint and Jasmine with the stepping stone

First plants in the city organic garden

I placed a stepping stone to clearly mark where one should step and have planted jasmine (as it is a favorite of mine) and it will cover the wall that is stark. The piece of jasmine is looking good after the first 3 days in the soil. I planted penny royal mint into the area to start forming a creeping ground cover. The first two plants, jasmine and pennyroyal mint, in the city organic garden are thriving and starting to take hold.


Penny Royal Mint

Each small step leads to the bigger picture

I am in the process of mapping the area that I have available for my city organic garden, so i can plan exactly what must go where. I know I want to have a good selections of edible and herbal plants growing, including lettuce, chives, radish, fennel, carrot, parsley, coriander, beans and peas to name but a few. I am enjoying every moment of thinking, observing and planning .


Alison said...

Go girl!! Nice pics too. Would like to see a pic or two of the whole space you have and the space around the jasmine and where you see it growing to.

jeannine davidoff said...

thanks for your comment. keep watching alison. will be posting photos and design maps as i go. you will become involved in this amazing process with me.

Kryon said...

Very interesting post.I was interested in planting.I love plant very much.Thanks for sharing .