Wednesday, March 23, 2011

green finger tips - mulch the city organic garden

ban on exposed soil

soil should be covered at all times. Mother Nature is insistent on covering the soil with foliage or decaying matter. this simple rule should be observed and mimicked. the soil should be covered and fed all the time. exposed soil becomes infertile and will erode. the golden rule of the organic garden – cover the soil.

making mulch for the city organic garden

I sprinkled eggshells, a bit of tea leaves out of the bag, a few bread crumbs, sweepings from the floor and bits of dried up herbs (garlic chives and lucerne) to act as mulch in the developing city organic garden. I have added some herbs, leaves and ash additionally as well as green manuring the chickweed.

make the soil fertile with mulch

when you mulch the soil, you ensure that the soil becomes more fertile. the organic matter decomposes right in the area where you need it. this increases the soil fertility. keep adding mulch to the soil at every opportunity.

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