Thursday, March 10, 2011

Starting my city organic garden

Celebrating my city organic garden creation

Today I have cause to celebrate. I am starting my very own little city garden using organic and permaculture techniques. I recently have returned to the Eastern Cape and have a stunning little cottage, which is to be my new playground for creating my city organic garden using companion planting.

Assessing what I need to start my city organic garden

So far I am assessing what I have to work with, what plants I can gather from friends in the area, where I can tap water from, where to find organic seedlings…really looking at how I can transform this little place into a tiny paradise. I love my fresh veggies and herbs and I hope you’ll enjoy watching how the garden unfolds.

As the area is mainly concrete, I am going to have to be innovative and use what I have at my disposal. I will be using companion planting in my city organic garden.

Join me on a city organic gardening adventure

Autumn is almost here. We are lucky to have mild winters and can still grow a great variety of fresh food to keep us thriving and healthy through the winter. Come along on this mini city organic garden adventure.

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