Wednesday, April 13, 2011

green finger tips - fixed point photos

fixed point photographs help monitor the development of the city organic garden

taking fixed point photos is very helpful when starting your city organic garden. you can mark the progress and the development of your organic garden by taking photographs to monitor the progress of the site.

fixed point photographs assist the mapping process

i have taken a few photographs of the courtyard where i will be establishing my container garden. the pictures will help orientate me when mapping the design.

first views of my city organic garden.

looking out of my window, i see this view. the wall and gate divide the small courtyard from the bigger courtyard is 7mx7m(22x22ft).The small courtyard is seen in the picture below this one.

the little courtyard measures about 3mx4m (9x13ft)

here are the various views of the big courtyard.

this is the view looking north. a meter wide pathway divides the main slab, from the room.

now looking southwest there are the stairs leading into the main house.

this is the east view, the garden gate is behind me.

in the west the view looks onto my room, which is beyond the gate and the fence.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

green finger tips - compost

Compost is vital for soil health

Compost is a vital ingredient to maintaining soil nutrition and stabilizing the soil. Organic compost can be made in the kitchen, the back yard or bought from your local gardening supply store.

Royal helpers of the composting process

Luckily for us, there are incredible helpers, who volunteer for the job of making the best organic compost to be found. We just have to give them the ingredients and they happily chomp away, creating compost for us to use – free of charge. And who are these little miracle workers, you may ask. It is the earthworms, the royalty of organic compost creators.

What does compost look like

Compost smells sweet and rich. It is usually dark brown to black in color. Organic compost helps stabilize the soil, preventing soil erosion.

Compost making tips

Making compost is simple, but can be tricky. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

You have to get the moisture level right. If it is too moist or too dry, it will not decompose properly.
If it is too hot, and you inoculate the compost heap with earthworms, you will kill them.
If you add rancid food, it will make the compost pile rancid.
Oranges and potatoes are not good compost materials.

Feeding the soil correctly is the backbone of good healthy organic crops.
Make you organic compost and feed it to the soil.