Sunday, May 15, 2011

Green finger tips – city organic garden bed developments

The city organic garden bed is developing

The soil in the bed is still washing a little. The rain has been pouring for a few days and the drum gets full quickly. The excess water is washing the soil away. I need to get some more mulch and plants growing where the soil is washing.
The gas guy managed to crack the paving stone I put in place when he brought the new gas bottle, so now it looks like a mosaic.

Plants planted in the city organic garden

I have placed a potted fern next to the rainwater harvesting tank. I am going to leave it in the pot as otherwise it will get too large for the space. I have thrown a few mung beans and flax seed (linseed) into the bed. I am about to plant some mustard.

Volunteer plants in the city organic garden

There is a volunteer potato (which shouldn’t really be growing this close to winter, but let’s see what happens) I am debating about moving it as it is growing right in the pathway.

The “weeds” that are volunteering are mainly clover, dandelion and chickweed. All of them are soil improvers. It is amazing how the soil knows what is needed to balance and improve it. Clover and dandelion are well known for their nitrogen fixing qualities. Chickweed adds Potassium to the soil and is a great green manure crop.


Notstraightiam said...

eventhough weeds are a nuisance, I'm glad to know they are amazing soil helpers.

jeannine davidoff said...

glad that you could use the information. all the best of gardening to you