Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Green finger tips - tomato, basil , rosemary and marigold

Tomato pests in the organic garden

A gardener knows that tomatoes are prone to all sorts of attacks during the tomato growing season. They are vulnerable to blight and bottom end rot. Red spider mites also love to take advantage of tomato plants in your organic garden.

Grow tomato, basil, rosemary and marigold together in your garden

Create a terrific combination of companion plants in your organic garden tomato with basil rosemary and marigold. Basil and rosemary are both aromatic plants which are great insect repellents. The strong aromas of these herbs help the tomato plants to thrive, keeping the tomato plants healthy and virtually pest free. Adding the marigolds helps to keep the nematodes away and attracts hoverflies. Hoverflies pollinate plants and the larvae of some species eat pests like aphids.

Companion planting yield healthy tomatoes

Growing tomatoes can be easier and more rewarding when companion planting them in the garden. The other advantage of growing your basil and rosemary with the tomatoes is that when you come to cook the herbs with the tomatoes, you are in for a taste explosion. The combination of cooking with basil and tomato is superb. Any dish with tomato and rosemary is guaranteed to be a winner, especially when it is grown in your very own organic garden using companion planting.

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