Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ag! Rubbish Man

i have this bug bear in my life.

it goes around the amount of waste that each individual generates daily and how much of it can actually be put to better use.

this plea goes to all my fellow South Africans.

the request that we consider everything we throw away.

what are we throwing away and how can we make it easier for these people to sustain themselves.

how easy would it be for you to start recycling?
please share your ideas with me.

here is to living in a cleaner greener environment

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

grapefruit for breakfast

picking the first fruit off the grapefruit tree

what a treat to eat the freshest of the fresh - grapefruit straight off the tree. we waited about two weeks for them to ripen. thinking we would eat one each, we picked two and then had piles of fun photographing them.

grapefruit's botanical name

what better way to keep healthy in the winter, with citrus paradisi in hand, which is full of vitamin c and antioxidants. grapefruit contain a polyamine called spermadine (ref wikipedia) which is said to promote longevity...all the more reason to eat them. we were awed by the size and the taste.

consuming grapefruit nutrition

the amazing thing about eating citrus straight from the tree is that you can eat the skin and pith, and it is not bitter like fruit that has been chemically grown. we managed to consume one grapefruit between us and we were full. the other we ate on the following day. i think it may be one of the best breakfasts i have eaten in a long while.