Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ag! Rubbish Man

i have this bug bear in my life.

it goes around the amount of waste that each individual generates daily and how much of it can actually be put to better use.

this plea goes to all my fellow South Africans.

the request that we consider everything we throw away.

what are we throwing away and how can we make it easier for these people to sustain themselves.

how easy would it be for you to start recycling?
please share your ideas with me.

here is to living in a cleaner greener environment


jeannine davidoff said...


It’s definitely a Monday. I liked what you’ve done.

Why not try to get your municipality to supply bins to all homes for the different kinds of waste making recycling easier, they do this in other counties and it works like a bomb!

Lots of love and hugs

Natalie Classens

jeannine davidoff said...

Thanks for your comment Natalie. It does seem logical. These people could then be formally employed and be less of a health risk. I think that many a petition would be the way to mobilize action...big hugs n love to you

Steffan said...

I like your ideas and your blog, it made me think of a lecture I once heard when they talked about a bottle that was not only made of completely recycled produce like these: http://www.thecoca-colacompany.com/dynamic/press_center/2010/10/odwalla-plants-sustainable-seed-with-new-bottle-initiative.html but also had a seeds in it, so that when it was chucked onto the side of the road, the decomposing bottle gives nutrition for the plant to grow!

Thanks, Steffan

jeannine davidoff said...

Thank you Steffan. I appreciate your comment, i am glad you enjoy my blog. the thing is that if people didnt chuck things out the window in the first place, cocacola would not have had to invent such a bottle. when i was little my dad's saying was 'the world is your ashtray'. i think that this perception is rapidly changing in the light of ever growing pollution problems, loss of habitat and all the rest that comes with it. here's to a cleaner future! ching! ching!