Sunday, August 7, 2011

dustbin diggers - the price of dignity

meeting belinda and sibongile

on thursday morning i met belinda and sibongile from amalinda squatter camp. they were in my road, digging through dustbins, finding bottles to recycle.

belinda and sibongile earn R15.00 per day digging in dustbins

they said that they can earn about R15.00 per day, (0.30c per bottle). they dig though the dustbins to earn a living. they are not alone. there are hundreds and thousands of people all over South Africa digging in dumps and dustbins to eke a small living by recycling waste.

the price of dignity

as the average consumer in south africa, we all throw away the rubbish. people are starting to think, talk and action recycling on a household level. each person can help the dustbin diggers by just keeping the 2 litre bottles aside, (and any other recyclables) for collection by these people. it would save their dignity, and yours, by not having people going through the litter you throw out.

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