Sunday, August 7, 2011

green finger tips - butter lettuce and oregano

growing butter lettuce and oregano together

butter lettuce can be difficult to grow. snails and grasshoppers love to chomp on the lettuce you are growing. combining the butter lettuce into your oregano bed is a great help. the oregano keeps the insects away. this is great companion planting for your organic garden

butter lettuce germinate easily

butter lettuce seed will germinate in a day or two after planting, especially if you expose the seed to light before planting. generally lettuce seeds can be scattered where you want them to grow or in seed trays. if planting in seed trays, transplant when the seedlings are about 4 - 8 cm tall. a good dose of liquid fertilizer is helpful when transplanting seedlings.

oregano is a great ground cover

oregano grows wild and will cover up soil that is exposed. it can be grown from root stock and cutting. oregano is a valuable culinary and medicinal plant. you can open up little sections between your established oregano and plant butter lettuce seedlings into the oregano.

this is a winning companion planting combination

butter lettuce and oregano are great companion plants in the organic garden. the oregano will keep your butter lettuce healthy.

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