Monday, August 22, 2011

greenfinger tips - starting a new city organic garden

gardening the lazy way

i have just started a new garden and being pushed for time am using the assistance of cardboard boxes. i leave the boxes standing on the grassy area for about 4 days. the grass yellows and it is easy to pull up the roots, especially if the soil is damp. i have not disturbed the soil at all. there is a delicate order of organisms that live in the soil. when you dig the soil over, that order is disturbed and can take a long time to restore.

seeds going into the soil

the first few mustard seeds have already germinated and i am waiting for the flax/linseed, fennel, mung beans and chillies to pop their sweet tender green leaves out of the soil. i am going to plant peas, parsley and lettuce in the next section.

fetching rocks

the garden service at the property is vicious. you have to protect your garden bed somehow. so on sunday, i went rocking in my neighbourhood. i looked for places where there were excavations going on and there they were, now nicely lined up. i hope they are adequate protection from the edge-trimming men.


hcgvid said...

Great tip using the cardboard boxes!

Check out High Country Gardens Video Tutorials on Youtube!

jeannine davidoff said...

you have an interesting blog. glad you liked the tip on cardboard. enjoy your day

jeannine davidoff said...

an interesting concept mail order container gardens, faciniting

Jerry Hingle said...

Haha, I don't think there is a lazy way to garden. All of it takes work. Nice post.

jeannine davidoff said...

thank jerry. it is true there is lots of work in gardening, but there are little tricks that make it easier...i especially love the no-dig method. have a fabulous day. jeannine

Balcony Gardening said...

Interesting, never thought to use cardboard boxes before! Newspapers weighted down with some straw mulch and few brick/rocks is also a good lazy/ organic way of gardening. You can spread some slow release fertiliser aswell and did a few holes for the plants. It takes a little longer for planting the smaller stuff.

jeannine davidoff said...

yes it is true that cardboard can be weighted down with straw, but living in city right now and with minimal time to garden/find resources i have to make do with what i got. it can take longer for the small stuff that way because you have to wait for the cardboard to soften. this way, once the grass roots are out, you can plant seed directly. the other advantage is that the soil order is not disturbed. thanks for your comment. i like the look of your blog.