Tuesday, September 13, 2011

green finger tips - the seedlings germinate

placing the border

i went out and got some rocks from around the neighbourhood to create a border. they stop the weedeaters getting in (there are a troop of garden service men who come through with edge trimmers every so often and they trim everything in their path). I scattered mustard, fennel, linseed and mung bean seed. I added a few chilli seeds for a dash of spice. in a day or two the germination started.

mustard and fennel germinate

the mustard and fennel just after germination. there is a chilli skin lying in the soil. The mustard is a great soil improver. It gives nitrogen to the soil if pulled out before it goes to seed. although fennel is generally an antisocial plant, it has come up well, but i will thin the seedlings as there are too many for the space. young fennel salad coming up soon.

mustard and linseed

the mustard and linseed popped into existence next to each other. linseed improves the soil.

the next post will show how the the plants have developed since 28 august.