Tuesday, October 25, 2011

green finger tips - october extension of the organic garden

the next part of the bed

the next section of the organic garden is developing. the cardboard boxes have done the job of killing the grass. i pulled all the dead grass out and mulched it alongside the barrier of rocks. the boxes have moved the next section now. will soon have to get more rocks.

softening the soil

the soil was pretty hard, so i irrigated until it softened up and i could get the little fork to penetrate. as the soil softens, so it becomes easier to dig in and aerate the soil.

soil - minimal disturbance

i avoid turning the soil over. when the soil is turned the structure and order of the microscopic life is disturbed. when the soil is turned, the number of weeds that germinate increases significantly.

new seedlings in the organic garden

i planted some frilly lettuce and flat parsley seedlings. mustard, fennel and linseed seeds were sprinkled inbetween. everything has germinated and the seedlings transplanted well. lettuce and parsley are good companion plants. the mustard and linseed are soil conditioners. the next post will show how things have grown.

Monday, October 10, 2011

green finger tips - one months growth - before and after

before and after

i took the second picture about a month after the first. the mustard went wild. it was swamping everything else. i had to thin it out. i laid the plants i pulled out on the ground as a green manure. green manuring is a process of growing green materials like mustard, clover, lucerne and linseed and pulling them out to use as soil improving materials.

i took the next photo a while later, after i had radically thinned the mustard and i took some of the fennel out. the mustards are starting to bolt.