Monday, October 10, 2011

green finger tips - one months growth - before and after

before and after

i took the second picture about a month after the first. the mustard went wild. it was swamping everything else. i had to thin it out. i laid the plants i pulled out on the ground as a green manure. green manuring is a process of growing green materials like mustard, clover, lucerne and linseed and pulling them out to use as soil improving materials.

i took the next photo a while later, after i had radically thinned the mustard and i took some of the fennel out. the mustards are starting to bolt.


Balcony Gardening said...

Amazing growth. I like how you have used the green manure of the mustard, clover, lucerne and the linseed. Have the Chilli's grown not sure if i can see them?

jeannine davidoff said...

The chillies have grown will be posting pics of them soon. i need to transplant gifts. i have about 10 coming up.