Friday, November 11, 2011

green finger tips - all about peas

The pea seeds have germinated. In this photo you can see the two day old growth emerging next to the lettuce. The important thing about staking peas is that the stake must be branched. You will find that if you stake them on a straight pole they will not grip and you will have to tie them onto the stake.

After a few weeks the tendril begin to form and the pea looks for a stake to climb up. You can see the tendril realising that there is something to hold on to.

you can see the way the plant has moved towards the thinner part of the stake.

the pea finally found it's grip and is holding on. The first two photos of the pea taking hold were taken within an hour of each other. The third photo was taken the next morning.

Two days ago the peas started flowering. Waiting in anticipation now for the fruit to form.

UPDATE 20 November

Here is the first pea on the bush

the first pea in the hand

the first pea half eaten - so good!

on 6 dec - a handful of peas


Gardener said...

Thats brilliant. If you were patient enough the tendril might even hook on to your finger!
I've used 2-3 straight posts in the past with string between them and that has been ok but i like the branch idea.

jeannine davidoff said...

i am glad you liked the idea of the branches. yes it is amazing the way peas hold on, never thought of letting one curl around my finger though.