Wednesday, December 7, 2011

green finger tips - radish and carrot

Carrot and Radish

Mix the seeds of radish and carrot together. Plant them in shallow drills and cover with soil. Ensure that the soil is moist when you plant so that the seeds don't get washed away.

Why plant Radish and Carrot together?

The carrot seeds are tiny and the radish seed are larger. The radish germinate readily and assist the carrots by protecting the seedlings and opening the ground for the carrots to penetrate more easily.

The radish seedlings germinated two days after planting. The carrots followed about 3 days later. The day the seeds were planted, there was a great rain which helped with the speedy germination.

Thirteen days later the seedlings have developed quite a lot and the first signs of the radish root are appearing.

On day seventeen, the first radishes are ready to be plucked, washed and eaten. There is nothing that beats the sharp taste of a freshy picked young radish.

Freshly picked radish is nutritious and delicious. This trio went into a salad roll...more please!

To ensure that I have a continous supply of radish and carrot, I have planted more carrot and radish seeds.

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