Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Living Seeds Competition

The other day i entered the Living Seeds Harvest Photo Comp .

Here is one of my latest entries:

Here is the information from their newsletter:

Living Seeds Harvest Photo Comp

Summer is here, the first of your harvests should be coming into the home. This year we will be having two photo competitions. An early season and a late season. Have fun and best of luck.

We have two stunning prizes for the winner of this years early season Photo Comp.

1) A Limited Edition First Day Cover of the South African Green Garden Vegetable Stamp series including a recipe booklet for each of the 6 vegetables represented.

2) A R200-00 Livingseeds Gift voucher


1) Original Photo's only by the grower.
2) Any homegrown vegetables / fruit can be represented.
3) Any number of submissions
4) All submissions must take place on the Livingseeds.co.za Facebook page.
5) The single picture with the most "FB Likes" wins.
6) Please label the pic's Early Photo Comp
7) Competition ends on the 31st December 2011

Get your pictures in to the competition.
Like the pictures on their Facebook Page Living Seeds Harvest Photo Comp if you are gardenless.


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jeannine davidoff said...

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