Monday, February 6, 2012

green finger tips - parsley

Curly Leaf Parsley seedlings germinate

These parsley plants are just forming the first tiny true leaves after about two weeks since germination. You can see them just under the pea plant and to the far left of the picture. Parsley have tiny seeds that need to be planted in shallow drills. The parsley seed germinates readily.

First true Curly Leaf Parsley leaves

Eight days later, the plants are showing all their true leaves. Petroselinum crispum is parsley's botanical name. Parsley is full of nutritional goodness. I use it often on sandwiches, in salads and chopped fresh over almost all dishes. Parsley contains Iron and Vitamins A, B and C. It is useful for hair and skin problems. Parsley counteracts "garlic breath."

Flat leaf Parsley

Flat leaf Parsley has a different flavour to curly leaf. It is well worth growing both varieties.

Growing and picking parsley

I find that parsley likes to compete with itself so i sew a few seedlings next to each and they tend to do better than one seedling on its own. When picking parsley, ensure you snap the stem off at the base so it doesn't become moribund. Remove any growth that gets discoloured or old. Pick parsley often.

Parsley Companion Plants

The best companion plants for parsley are roses, chives, tomatoes and carrots.