Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Green Finger Tips - Caterpillars

Caterpillar damage

Caterpillars can be a menace by devouring your plants. They are however the moths and butterflies of the future. So a little tolerance can be great for your organic garden. Mostly if you have a bad infestation of caterpillars, you can hand pick and squish them.

Natural predators of caterpillars

Caterpillars have natural predators that will keep them under control in the companion planted garden. Some wasps sedate caterpillars to use to feed their young. Katydids, stinkbugs and spiders feast on caterpillars. Birds, chameleons, rats and frogs enjoy caterpillars as a treat. Humans find certain species to be a delicacy. Be sure to encourage natural caterpillar predators in your organic garden.

Caterpillar stings

The variety and incredible patterns on caterpillars are a constant source of amazement. Some caterpillars can shoot poisonous stings which can be rather irritating to the skin. So people are affected more than others by these stings. Most varieties of caterpillars are harmless to humans.

Identifying Caterpillars

Can anyone help me identify the caterpillars that have been in my garden over the season. It would be great to know what butterflies they turn into. Butterflies are essential, like bees, for fertilising plants. Be grateful for your caterpillars and know that there are loads of ways to control them naturally.

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