Saturday, May 26, 2012

Green Finger Tips - Under the Log

As a gardener, I am always amazed at how much there is to learn.

I was pulling up the grasses that were creeping under the barrier of stones and logs. I turned the log over and Wow!

Under the log I first saw this millipede and a little yellow snail next to it,

and a centidpede.

Then I saw a variety of slugs and a green worm.

To my absolute amazement, I came across these snake-like creatures. In all the years I have been gardening, I had never seen anything quite like these chaps. These amazing creatures are know as Shovel Headed Garden Worms

They are known botanically as Bipalium kewense and they eat earthworms and other insects, which explains the centipede corpses that were on the under surface of the log.

When you start to understand the relationships between insects in your companion planting organic garden, you will see how nature creates a balance between all creatures. Learning to use this balance in your organic garden and using companion planting to assist with natural pest control, you will bring great abundance to your kitchen.

Nature continuously suprises and astounds me and of course keeps me searching for more.


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