Friday, July 6, 2012

green finger tips - a mountain out of a molehill

Use your molehills

I love molehills for the free rich topsoil which the moles deposit on the top of the soil. I usually just flatten the heaps. The soil from the mounds can be collected and used in potting mixes.

Description and habits of Moles

Moles are members of the mammal order Insectovora and only eat insects, grubs, worms and not plants. They have small eyes and no visible ears. They have broad front feet for digging and a short tail. Moles are greyish-brown or black and are about ten to fifteen centimetres in length.

They like to live in soft soil and spend all day searching for food. Moles eat up to three times their body weight in worms a day. You know you have fertile soil when you have molehills - great fertility indicator. Moles aerate the ground and rainwater collects in the channels that they dig in the rainy season.

All in all, moles are given bad press but these sweet little creatures are actually useful in the organic garden.

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