Friday, July 20, 2012

green finger tips - Paper Wasp

Paper wasps in the organic garden

Paper wasps or Polistes fuscatus are useful predators in the organic garden. They eat a variety of insects with caterpillars being their favourite. They feed on meat and plant juices.

Nesting habits of paper wasps

These amazing creature rasp the bark of trees, mix it with saliva and mould their perfect paper-like enclosures to lay eggs in. The wasp in the photo built its nest on my front door. I just removed it while the wasp was away.

Paper wasps inspire inventor

Fredrich Keller, a German inventor got the idea of crushing wood into fibre to make paper after watching paper wasps work.

Paper wasp stings

I got stung on the lip once by a paper wasp. The sting is a little more painful than a bee sting, but it subsided quickly. If you do have allergic reactions to stings it is best to get it seen to immediately.

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