Thursday, April 4, 2013

Layering Rosemary

Creating new Rosemary Plants

This Rosemary plant was a little old when I bought it and didn't perform well. One of the branches was looking healthy. I decided to layer it so that it would form a new plant.

Rosemary can be layered to form new plants

It is really simple to do layering. You need some compost and a small rock. This branch of the Rosemary was already lying close to the ground. I added some compost to the area where the new plant would take root. I pressed the branch of the rosemary into the compost and placed a small stone onto the branch to keep it in place. I did this in July and by September a new plant had formed.

Snip the branch and carefully dig out the newly formed Rosemary plant. Transplant to where you want it to grow. 

Take care not to overwater rosemary, as too much water can kill it. Usually a good soak once a week is sufficient.

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Crunchy G said...

This is so cool! Ground layering is an amazing way to increase the amount of plants in your garden. I've never considered this before for a small-scale project. Especially just using a rock instead of a stake. Thanks for sharing your experience!